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August 2020

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and have stayed safe and well.
We are really looking forward to welcoming students back to school next week and have worked hard to make the school as safe and secure as possible. 

School organisation will understandably be a little different, but please be assured that the health and well-being of students and staff remain our key priority.

School will reopen to students on Thursday September 3rd 
We will continue to risk assess daily and plan weekly and should a local lockdown become necessary, support for home learning will be extended appropriately.

To enable a safe entry/exit to the school, start and finish times for students 
who are brought by parents/carers or who travel independently have changed;
Drop Off at 9.35am; Pick Up at 3.30pm
It is important to note that we will be unable to accommodate 
students in the school building before this time.
It may take a little longer to admit students into and out of the building and we appreciate your 
patience and observation of strict social distancing whilst you are waiting.

Students travelling by minibus/taxi will be advised directly by Home to School Transport. Please note any students using public transport are required to use a face covering unless they have a note of exemption.

As much as possible and in order to limit movement around school, students will remain on specific learning zones throughout the day and will have their lunch provided within the zone. To ensure appropriate social distancing and for those students for whom it is appropriate, lunch will also be taken on a rota basis by each learning zone one day per week in the food hall.

Social distancing will be maintained wherever possible and strict hygiene protocols 
will be in place, with support and regular reminders given to each student to wash their hands thoroughly on arrival and at appropriate intervals throughout the day.

Staff and students who are able to do so will be wearing face coverings when accessing communal areas. We will provide reusable masks for students which will be placed in sealed plastic bags when not in use during the school day. Further guidance will be issued following student’s return to school.
In order to support these protocols, please assist your son/daughter to wash their hands regularly at home and to shower daily.

 Additional cleaning and sanitising procedures will be carried out throughout the school. 
Surfaces, classroom resources and equipment will be cleaned regularly.
Where appropriate, students will have their own designated equipment and we would ask that they do not bring in any additional equipment from home.

Could I also remind you that If your son/daughter has previously received a letter advising them to shield as a result of specific health needs, 
would you please contact the clinician who issued the letter in order to gain their advice 
regarding their potential return to school in September. 
Please would you then inform school of any advice received.
Revised COVID-19 Information
If a student or any member of their household has symptoms of COVID-19 the student should not attend school. 
They must self-isolate immediately and the family must arrange for them to be tested. 
School must be informed of the test result as soon as possible.
If a student tests positive for COVID-19 they should not attend school for 10 days from the onset of symptoms. 
If the test result is positive but the student has not experienced any symptoms, 
they should self-isolate for 10 days from the date of the test.
If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms whilst at school, they will be isolated and 
sent home as soon as possible. They must undertake a test and 
inform school of the result as soon as possible.
Please ensure that all parent/carer contact details held by the school are up to date and accurate should we need to contact you urgently in the event of a COVID-19 incident. 
Please also ensure you respond to any calls received from the school.
Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the information above, 
please contact school on 0161 223 9915. 

We will continue to provide regular updates and relevant information throughout the Autumn term 

Many thanks for your continued and much appreciated support.

Very best wishes

Sue Warner

Melland High School Whole School Risk Assessment September 2020

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