Archive for 2020

  • Virtual Celebration of Whole School Improvement and Christmas Talent show

    18th December 2020
    The global pandemic has not stopped the superb creative teaching at Melland and our high tech resources have allowed us like many of our academies to continue to celebrate achievement in style. Well done to everyone...More
  • Confidence in the Kitchen

    9th December 2020
    A shining star! This term we have been delivering an exciting developing independence module with LG3. We have been focusing on developing cooking skills and kitchen competence by using a range of ingredients and cooking...More
  • Creative Media Comes to Life at Melland

    7th December 2020
    As part of the Entry 3 Media accreditation our talented 6th Formers have been researching jobs in media as well as making animations and creating and enhancing the sounds as ‘Foley’ artists. They need to be able to...More
  • Outstanding Shakespearian Success at Melland

    26th November 2020
    LG1s Performance of Hamlet Melland 6th Formers from Learner Group 1 have been working incredibly hard since September to prepare and perform and film Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’....More
  • LZ1 Take on Panathalon

    20th November 2020
    LZ1 Which includes the 3B/3C/3D/3E/4E groups are taking part in a national games competition called ‘Panathlon’. Students will participate in skill based sessions focused on multi skills’ challenges such as balance...More
  • A2s Sensory Celebration of Diwali

    20th November 2020
    This week the A2s have been celebrating Diwali through interactive art and sensory encounters.  During our Attention Autism sessions, pupils build their engagement through modelled sensory activities. Pupils watched...More
  • I am unique: A Colourful Return for the M Group

    5th October 2020
    This term, the M group have made an enthusiastic return to School. We have been celebrating our pupils by exploring our topic of “I am unique”. Here pupils are empowered to show their preferences and use their...More
  • Melland Students Prepare for the Shakespeare Schools Festival

    2nd October 2020
    On 20 November 2020, hundreds of cast members from every corner of the UK will take part, in one unique night of theatre. The Shakespeare Schools Festival will attempt to break a world record and show the world how children...More
  • Outstanding Attendance Outstanding Outcomes

    29th September 2020
    The 3E group have created an amazing film about attendance and how important it is to go to school every day. They had to research the laws surrounding the topic and looked at parental and pupil responsibilities. They...More
  • ICT & Creative Media R & D at Melland

    28th September 2020
    ICT Research and Development, digital culture and the development of digital literacy skills is alive and well at Melland with the ICT and Media Team conducting some research into new technologies that can enhance teaching...More