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  • A2 Road Safety Lessons

    27th May 2022
    As the summer holidays approach and we will be out and about more enjoying the nice weather, it is important for us to keep ourselves and our friends safe. When the A2 group discussed this in class, we felt that it would be...More
  • MHS Careers Week 2022

    27th May 2022
    We’ve had an incredibly jam-packed timetable for Melland High School’s Annual Careers Week this year! We’ve had employer encounters from a wide range of different employers and work sectors such as Engie Construction,...More
  • Melland Students Help Plan Whole School Eid Celebration

    13th May 2022
    Mrs Jan-Ahmed and Muslim students at Melland like many others observed fasting in the month of Ramadan. The students demonstrated determination and resilience by not eating or drinking during the day and this was a big...More
  • Improved Reading Outcomes Continues to be a Focus at Melland

    1st April 2022
    Along with the continued development of accessible reading areas and displays across school, students working within the MHS Formal Curriculum Pathway have been learning about the author Roald Dahl and reading his wonderful...More
  • The Enormous Crocodile

    1st April 2022 3B group have been studying Roald Dahl's ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ this term in their English lessons. As part of the project lesson, they had the fantastic opportunity of accessing the...More
  • G2’s Explore Sensory Activities

    24th March 2022
    This term the G2 group have been transitioning in and around school, every Thursday we have a sensory session in the hall. We have a range of activities out for the pupils to choose from, these can range from bubble...More
  • Co-Operative College Charity Magazine

    11th March 2022
    An honourable mention this week for Teaching and Learning Assistant Debbie Mellows. Debbie has worked alongside the Co-Operative College to coordinate and deliver an exciting 11 week enterprise programme with a lucky group...More
  • Barnado’s NHS Health Challenge Workshop

    11th February 2022
    Key Stage 3 pupils took part in a Barnado’s ‘NHS Health Challenge Workshop’ this week. They explored their thought in groups on what the NHS is and ways that they keep themselves healthy. They shared their opinions on...More
  • Student Leaders Promoting their Roles and Responsibilities

    8th February 2022
    The Student Leaders have recently been in to the Multimedia Studio for a photo shoot. The Student Leader page on the school website and the profile image on Bright-Futures website both needed updated as the team had new...More
  • G1’s Explore Their Senses

    3rd February 2022
    G1 have been introduced to a new book this term – Elmer the Elephant, and they have also been learning about the sounds of different instruments in Music.  Each week we listen to the story Elmer the Elephant, a...More