3E’s Explore British Science Week at Manchester University
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15th March 2019

On Wednesday 13thMarch some of our students visited Manchester university to take part in British Science Week. We were greeted by our university ambassador who has just become a junior doctor.

We started by visiting the science fair that was full of amazing science and engineering stalls. One of the stalls featured a set of mechanical ears that moved depending on the brainwaves it was picking up. There was a stall that allowed students to experience how to dispense medicine as a pharmacist. Students also got to see a 3D printer in action, explore the inside of the brain with an oculus rift and give instructions to a robot that could do press-ups.

In the second half of the morning we had a workshop on pharmaceuticals which was led by a mental health pharmacist. The workshop explored where drugs come from and the what different plants can be used for medicines. The students then got to make their own menthol hand cream. To do this that had to follow very precise step by step instructions, make accurate measurements and show a good understanding of health and safety.

All the students had a wonderful time and learned a lot about current science and engineering, most of all it was great for them to meet scientists and talk with them about their jobs.