6th Form Students Perform at Home Theatre as Part of The Barbican Box Project
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4th July 2019

On Tuesday, 6th form students completed The Barbican Box project. Barbican Box was introduced to our school by Mr Barry and is a six month process that begins with CPD training for teachers, after that the Box is sent into schools for teachers to begin working with their students. The box is full of gadgets and props to help draw inspiration.

Melland were matched with Mike Beigel, a professional actor, an artist mentor who delivered in-school workshops at the beginning, middle and end of the creative process to our students. Students had the opportunity to also work with professional directors and technicians. The whole process gave students the full experience of what it is like to be in the world of theatre. After months of hard work and dedication the students performed in front of a packed out crowd at HOME Theatre in the centre of Manchester.

With the support and guidance from Mr Hughes, Mrs Rowen and Mr Morgan the students were able to construct a devised piece exploring a utopian world of work under unfair working conditions. Inspired by events in China where a social currency is being trialled and events of the past such as Peterloo Massacre, our students created a thought provoking piece that was enjoyed by all.

The group was made up of mixed ability students who were all encouraged to work above and beyond expectation. The whole process was a huge success and students made outstanding progress in their drama skills and developed many life skills and an experience that will last forever.