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6th Form Visit to Cinema Complex
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31st March 2017

On Thursday 16th March, John Barry took a group of sixth from students on a visit to Home, the cinema theatre and arts complex in central Manchester. Students were given a tour of the complex and shown various short films on one of the cinema screens. They were also allowed behind the scenes to look at how modern films are projected using digital technology. Home is all about promoting arts in the community and the validity of everyone’s voice, something which was very empowering for the students to hear. Home does not focus on Hollywood blockbusters, but instead gives opportunities to independent, unusual, low budget and local productions. Home also hosts a regular Youth Creatives Workshop, in which young people age 15-25 can volunteer and get involved. The workshops cover acting, behind the scenes work and all aspects of multi-media film making and production. This promoted interest amongst a number of Melland students. In the words of one pupil; “That sounds amazing. I definitely want to get involved.”

Home is funded by Manchester City Council, Granada, Salford University, Manchester School of Art and others. As such, it recognises it’s responsibility to the local community and is very open to helping people express their creative side. Home is open to visits from groups of students, and attending activities in school, e.g. Careers Conventions. Their ethos seems to be that everyone has a creative side and can benefit from giving it expression through the arts – either in large or small ways, depending on what is comfortable for the individual. As Melland students can now testify, Home is also a warm, friendly and fun place to visit.