Big Draw Arts Festival
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15th October 2018

Melland students were invited to take part in the 2018 Big Draw Arts Festival this week. Inspired by a piece of art called “Hannah Smith’s Casket”, each student designed their own casket. Incorporating Art into Maths lessons. Students drew their designs onto a 2D net of the casket, each face of the cube being a different theme, then cut the net out and then folded and glued it into a 3D cube. Students also got to write a secret message to put inside their casket.

Their wonderful caskets will be displayed in the Whitworth Art Gallery as part of an exhibition of 11,000 caskets from students all over Manchester. Students and families are invited to attend the pop-up exhibition in the Whitworth Art Gallery on the 26th October for a special one-day-only, Big Draw event,