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Body Awareness at Melland High School
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9th May 2018

We have put a real focus on physical development for students in LZ3 this year. Alongside the introduction of the MOVE programme (see earlier article) body awareness is planned across our sessions so that students experience a range of different things happen to their bodies. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage development from passive ‘allowing’ to active ‘enjoying’. Our long term aim is that students will be able to move their bodies with increasing intention and control. Our emphasis is on the physical movement, not on the understanding of the function of it.

Capturing Progress

Through this work we are capturing how students demonstrate they are aware of experiences on different parts of their bodies e.g. feet and hands. We record of what the student actually does to indicate they are aware that something is happening, as these observations look different from student to student. Some might move their eyes, some their limbs, others might smile or become more relaxed. Students’ body awareness is encouraged across our holistic curriculum.

How do we achieve this?

Students have opportunities to show awareness of massage through our massage stories as well as various sensory stimulation on different parts of the body during our Moving Sounds and Leisure and Recreation sessions. In Art, Horticulture and cooking students have opportunities to move their hands and arms with hand-under-hand support/ hand-over-hand support and/ or co-actively. Students are encouraged to actively move as part of our parachute games and drama sessions.