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Changing rooms transforming lives
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12th June 2015

The Confederation of British Industries report that all employability skills need to be underpinned by a positive attitude and this attribute is demonstrated time after time by the Students of Melland High School. A committed group of KS4 students have just completed decorating the behaviour management chill out room to make it a more calming place and nicer to relax in.

Displaying a canny understanding of customer awareness, Ezara reported ‘We chose the paper because every teenager likes that sort of graffiti design’.

Other students reported on the benefits of team working and problem solving:

‘I mixed up the wall paper paste and prepared the paper’ commented Nicole. ‘I also enjoyed pasting, I did a bit of everything’ said Qurban. Whilst in a more philosophical manner Sean reported ‘I learnt, to do a good job we need to take our time and not rush’.

Demonstrating the strengths of undertaking practical real tasks and their wider impact Damarius has used the experience of KS4 WRL option to make positive decisions about his future:

‘When I first came to Melland I was really shy. I feel good about learning working skills and now more confident about starting sixth form’

All said a fabulous team effort with thanks to Mrs Y and Mrs Sterling