Cooking it up on WRL Placement
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17th December 2018

Qurban has just completed his first work experience placement in a professional kitchen at Inspire Café Levenshulme.

Qurban was first identified as being gifted and talented in food preparation at year 10, he has a great food knowledge and skills in the core processes such as washing, cutting, slicing, grating, measuring and timing etc.

During his placement Qurban prepared savoury meals and sweet snacks and cakes for hungry members of the public.  The café staff really enjoyed having Qurban working with them, he was polite, on time and worked hard with his co-workers.

Big thanks to Kate at Inspire for helping this happen.

Local employers: Qurban is looking for a further work experience placement in catering. If you can help provide a placement please contact John Barry or Debbie Mellows at Melland High School.