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Coop Advantage College – The Fun Fest Pop Up Cafe
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1st May 2019

Over the last 4 months MHS students Candice, Shakira and Nicole have been accessing the Co-op Advantage College. One of the main aims of the programme through a series of discussions and activities is to instil the Co-op values: self  help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Also the students explored the four main C0-0p ethical values: honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Over the course of the programme the students learnt a series of public speaking techniques to build self-esteem, independence and confidence, after that they had to deliver a presentation to all the other students and staff at the college.

The next stage of the programme was to develop a business idea. Through a democratic process all the students voted to create The Fun Fest Cafe. The students had to create a business plan, which included finance, roles and responsibilities, menu, target customers while always adhering to the C0-0p values. After pitching their idea to the Co-op employees they had to put all their ideas into action.

On Thursday 25th April all the students opened The Fun Fest Cafe, which was a resounding success with all the  Co-op employees and staff and students from MHS who visited on the day. Amazingly they managed to raise £113.00. All proceeds were gifted to Booth House homeless charity.