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Digital Advantage project
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6th June 2018

Recently a group of Melland students participated in an amazing digital business project. The project lasted a week and took place in the hi tech Melland Multimedia Studio. It introduced students to a range of exciting skills including; creative thinking, logo design, business models, website creation and app design.

 It was an incredibly challenging week with students having to really focus, under real life working conditions. They had a project manager from ‘Digital Advantage’ who set up small working teams with deadlines. Students were given tasks to complete where, teamwork, communication and concentration were the key to success.

 Students had to create a digital business from scratch and they came up with many exciting ideas. The one they decided to develop further was a ‘Virtual Life Navigator’,  which would help young people with everyday functional skills. The app included; a daily help function, ‘How to’ area, practice sessions and a virtual chaperone.

All student worked incredibly hard and had a great work experience. The work they produced was of a very high standard and will be pitched to a panel of judges alongside other schools across Manchester, with a chance to win £2000 to develop their business idea further. Melland are working hard to further improve the number of meaningful employer encounters and ‘Digital Advantage’ are another company that they are hoping to build a long term relationship with.


Please see the video below that will be submitted as their business idea