Drop in Sessions for Parents and Carers
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4th February 2021

BFET Educational Psychologist Drop-in sessions for Parents and Carers of Melland Students

Did you know that parents & carers of students at Melland can request to attend a drop-in session with an educational psychologist to discuss their son or daughter and explore solutions and strategies to support them at home?

In this video, educational psychologist Adam Rumble and trainee educational psychologist Joe White describe what parent & carer drop-in sessions are and how they work at Melland. They talk about what you can expect from a drop-in session and explain why, when and how you might request one.

To find out more about what a drop-in session could offer you and your son or daughter, watch the video above.

To book a drop in session email your son or daughters form tutor, they will then contact Vice Principal Mrs Barnett who will contact you to arrange a parent & carer drop in session with our educational psychologists.

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