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E-Safety Week – Update
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6th May 2016

E-Safety week came to a close on the 27th April with a spectacular showcase of Melland High School talent and awards for the competition winners.

From new performer Jack in year 7 up to an experienced performer in Xavier in 6th form, all pupils and parents were entertained throughout the afternoon. We also had special guest performances from Cedar Mount pupils also displaying fantastic performances.

Competition winners included Renee for a fantastic poster collection, Tutor Group 7 for an amazing Facebook ‘spot the mistakes’ page and Michael for his amazing rap.

The afternoon concluded a brilliant effort from all staff and pupils making awareness of all the best tips of keeping safe while using the Internet. Please visit the school website to view all the amazing work.

If parents would like more information to help pupils use the Internet safely then please visit the parent page.

Below is the latest E-Safety Top Tips video created by our 6th Form LG3 Group.