Evidence For Learning
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22nd November 2018

Evidence for learning is an App we have introduced in Learning Zone 3, which enables us to capture learning as it happens.

We are able to take photographs and videos and add our written observations to gather evidence of how each student is making progress towards their individual learning intentions.

The App allows us to link our evidence, including written comments and photographs to our own assessment framework to support teachers in making judgements about progress.

It also allows us to send home photographs, videos and comments to parents securely via an email account and even enables parents, through the App, to let us know how their son or daughter is making progress at home against their learning intentions.

The App has made a big difference to how we collect information about how our students are learning. It means we produce simple reports showing the learning journey a student makes at the click of a button.

Tutors and class teachers can capture how learners develop across school in lessons and in tutor group so we can support the process of generalising the students’ learning.