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Fit Families Day
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1st May 2015

Our first ‘Fit Families’ event took place on 30th April 2015 and was incredibly successful.

The aim of the event was to engage our parents/carers and pupils in a fun and interactive way, enabling them to gain knowledge in health, fitness & wellbeing.

The event was extremely well attended and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Some comments from the day!

“I recommend it, its very helpful and lots of  information. I think you have to do it again in the  future for more information.”

“Wonderful Thank you”

“I think this a good opportunity for all children and family’s to be together and get more information about children with mental health and social care available”

“Wonderful opportunity to meet everyone and to improve health and well being thanks for organising it”

“Very good information”

“Nicely done, great fun”

“Smoothie bike, it was a bit loud but fun”

“It was really good and helpful”