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Flexible Friday
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15th September 2016

Flexible Friday is a new initiative we are delivering to KS4 this year. Flexible Friday is aimed at providing pupils with a love of learning across a range of activities, either in school or using the local community facilities, that can enhance their learning experiences and give them the opportunity to develop particular skills, interests and talents. In addition to the national curriculum we aim to develop the whole child as we believe that the teaching of life skills and enriching students is an essential part of preparing them for the future. Key stage 4 offers these enrichment sessions every Friday afternoon from 1:35 – 3:20pm. Pupils sign up for a course that will run for a half term and then switch to another. The sessions are delivered by teachers, support staff and outside providers. This half term students are getting involved in A History of Manchester, Melland Craft Company, Life Saving Skills and fun with fitness.


Flexible Friday is underpinned with “The 5 R’s for lifelong learning” also known as learning to learn, these are:


  • Readiness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Reflectiveness


By applying these lifelong learning skills, students will be motivated, energised and engaged by getting them to ‘think’ outside their normal lessons and thus be more open to change and experiment. Students follow this curriculum in order to prepare themselves for sixth form and later life.