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Graham Construction and CCS Display Melland HS Artwork
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3rd July 2017

Learner Group 3 and 4 History class have worked extremely hard on a project this term in conjunction with Graham Construction.  They have learnt about; the history of some of our old cotton mills found near Ancoats, regeneration, gentrification and construction and looked at LS Lowry’s art for inspiration.

The group designed and created individual and group art work. This was scanned, printed onto plastic, displayed publicly on the Murrays’ Mills project hoarding and entered into a competition with CCS and Graham construction.

When visiting Jersey Street near Ancoats to see their work on display the students were filled with excitement and pride.

We would like to thank Graham Construction for their support in this project, the warm welcome they gave us on our visit but most of all for making the students art work look wonderfully professional on the Mills hoarding.