Home Learning Videos

Melland teachers have created some very useful home learning video lessons and games for all pupils to watch and take part in.

Around the World in 80 Days

Mr Shoesmith and Miss Burns have made a wonderful video for pupils to enjoy at home and explore their topic of The World Around You. Immerse yourselves in the classic story Around the World in 80 Days. Are you sitting comfortably?


Mr Hughes’ MHS Update
Mr Hughes has been busy creating a series of videos for all of you our Melland High pupils. This is the first episode with lots of fun things to do and watch. Plus a great chance for pupils and staff to see what some staff have been up to at school and in lockdown.

Thanks again to Mrs Roscoe who has created another easy to follow recipe video. This time it is everyone’s favourite cheese leek and onion pasty. Yum yum and thank you Mrs Roscoe.


Follow Mrs Roscoe’s recipe instructions on how to make the perfect chocolate cake. It looks delicious!

Mrs Roscoe guides you through her tasty Pain au Chocolat recipe.

Follow Mrs Roscoe’s recipe instructions on how to make the perfect pizza. It looks delicious!

Mr Hughes has created a fun Mini Quiz for all students to join in. See if you can get the top score.

All the answers to The Mr Hughes Mini Quiz. Let’s see how well you did.

Melland Maths Resource – Multiplication.
An easy to follow lesson on multiplication created by Melland pupils.

Another easy to follow lesson this time on how to add up big numbers using the column addition method.