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‘I Matter’ – Manchester Healthy Schools Programme
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10th May 2018

Last week 6th form took part in a very successful and enjoyable ‘I Matter’ day. A full day consisting of 8 introductory topics (Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Emotions, Public and Private, Hygiene, Appropriate touches, Relationships, Puberty Intro) following the Manchester Healthy Schools programme.

I Matter is a proactive, preventative Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) resource which provides the opportunity to increase knowledge, challenge attitudes and teach new skills relating to relationships, safeguarding and sex education.

Student feedback:

“It was good to learn about things that I didn’t know before, especially about body parts”


“It made me feel more confident”

“I enjoyed it and learnt lots, it got me thinking”

“It wasn’t easy taking about some of the subjects but now I feel more comfortable”.

“I liked listening to other people’s opinions”

“It was interesting to be with other learning groups and hearing their thoughts”

“Nice to be off timetable”


“I learnt that two women can get married”

Following this, an essential RSE curriculum will be delivered each week during the summer term which will include more detailed topics such as; Body Changes/Puberty, Sexual Relationships, Consent, Online Behaviours and Drug and Alcohol Awareness.