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Introducing the MOVE Programme
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5th March 2018

In Learning Zone 3 this year we are introducing the MOVE programme. MOVE stands for: Movement Opportunities Via Education.

MOVE programme helps support students with physical impairments to acquire more abilities and independence to sit, stand, walk and transition. This is achieved through instruction, adaptive equipment, and support of education staff, the therapy team and family support. It is based on the principle of using and creating functional and routine opportunities to practice physical skills.

The MOVE philosophy is that movement is the foundation for learning. MOVE focuses on what the student can already do, not what they cannot do.  It is a positive approach and goals are set that are realistic, achievable and functional. The aim of MOVE is that students are given opportunities to learn and practise new skills on a daily basis that will help develop independence and promote well-being. With these increased abilities, there is:

1) Better health,

2) Easier for care providers to move or lift people,

3) More dignity, and

4) New opportunities for fuller participation and inclusion in family life, school and community.

At Melland High School there is a teacher trained as a senior MOVE practitioner, who works closely with the students in Learning Zone 3, supported by the physiotherapists and teaching assistants. Two TLAs have attended MOVE programme awareness sessions at a MOVE centre of Excellence in Leeds. We currently have 2 students going through the MOVE assessment process to create their own individual programme, targets and goals. A rolling programme will be put in place, where appropriate, to ensure all students at Melland High School have a MOVE assessment in place, over time.

The assessment process involves an open discussion about what the student can do, what skills they have already acquired and identify short term targets leading to long term goals. When the initial assessment has been completed, goals will be set that are meaningful to the student and their family. Alongside the teacher and TLAs will look at the amount of support and prompting the student needs to start learning the new skills to achieve their short term targets and long term goals. Over time this support and prompting will hopefully decrease as the student succeeds in their targets and gains confidence in their new skills.

The skills identified in the Student’s MOVE programme will be integrated with teaching so goals are implemented across everyday routines, giving the students every possible opportunity to achieve and reach their full potential. We will keep an accurate picture of student’s progress towards MOVE motor milestones by regularly assessing them and collecting evidence of their progress.


For more details visit the MOVE website