Journey Through the Seasons
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8th January 2019

Mr Hughes and Mrs Baker collaborated last term to deliver a cross-curricular focus on the changes in the weather and time with 4A and 3A. Students were learning how weather can change throughout the year and how it will look, sound and make us feel.

Classes accessed a variety of activities including a signing workshop where students learned the key signs for each season. They also accessed a music session where students would experiment with a variety of instruments to replicate sounds of rain, wind and the sun. An arts and crafts session was the third workshop that took place where students expressed themselves with many colours and mediums to reproduce the seasons. Nature trails took place to help gather resources and see how the weather has impacted around school.

All of these workshops were brought together in the school Multimedia Studio where a video project was produced. All the students art work feature as do some of the sounds created by the students. The seasons are brought to life with some excellent animation and those students who made fantastic progress in the signing sessions showcased their skills to camera on the green screen.

The end product is a great journey through the seasons which the students can revisit to help consolidate their learning and at the same time teach and entertain their peers.

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