Lessons and Activities for Learner Groups – Summer Term 2020

New Resources and Ideas for PMLD and Complex Needs Students

Basic Salt Dough Playdough Recipe
Caterpillar Crunch Playdough Recipe
Clink Clank Sound Sensory Bottle
Colour Explosion Sensory Bottle
Ding Dong Sound Sensory Bottle
Edible Chocolate Playdough Recipe
Feed a Frog Sensory Bag
Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Recipe
Massage Stories Chapter 3- Educational Stories
Oranges and Lemons Playdough Recipe
Porridge Oats Playdough Recipe
Positive Looking Free iPad Apps
Rainbow Noodles Edible Sensory Recipe
Rustle, Rustle Sound Sensory Bottle
Sensory Bottle
Sensory Brain Break Activity Cards
Silly Putty Edible Sensory Recipe
Soft and Silky Playdough Recipe
Story Massage Book
Textured Aromatherapy Playdough Recipe
Thud Thud Sensory Bottle

The Anti-Baddies Resilience Toolkit
Small Steps – Independent Living Skills
Activities to Support Staying in Isolation
Parental Guidance for House Party App
IT Help Kidz Learn FREE Home access
Positive Looking FREE APPS!
TAC PAC Information + FREE OFFER
TAC PAC / Communication through touch and music
TAC PAC / Story massage
Sing and sign
Physical and Sensory Activities
Calming Activities
Managing Your Mental Health Whilst in Self Isolation
Easy Read – Managing Mental Health Whilst in Self-Isolation
Independent Living – Using a Washing Machine

LG1 and LG2
Weekly Timetable
Home Learning 2020 LG1 and LG2
Film Studies Home Learning LG1 and LG2
ICT Functional Skills
LG1 English
LG1 Vending Machine Maths
Time 1
Time 2
My Weather Record Activity

Home Learning 2020 LG3
Book Review
Film Review

Every Day Signs
Angel Delight Recipe
How to Make Toast
How to Make Playdough
Make a Postcard

4C & 4D Art & Design Andy Goldsworthy
4C & 4D Art & Design Georgia O’Keaffe
4C & 4D Art & Design Leroy Neiman Sport Art
4C & 4D Art & Design Sport Art
4C & 4D Art & Design Nature & Garden Art

Home Learning Ideas for the A1 & A2 Groups
Cooking Health Safety
Toast Recipes
Making Fairy Cakes
Making Chocolate Orange Biscuits
Sequencing Cards – Brushing Your teeth
The Gruffalo Story
All About Washing Your Hands
All About Washing Your Hands

MCRactive Schools Resources

Arts Award Home Learning

Finding the Food Group Activity
Healthy Eating and Living Board Game
Healthy Eating Food BINGO!
Healthy Eating Lunch Activity
Healthy Eating Word Search
My Healthy Eating Food Journal
Charity Choice Writing
Climate Change Word Search
I am an Amazing Person!
Keeping Clean I Spy Game
Rights and Responsibilities
Weekly Reflection Journal
What I Want in a Friend

Science Home Learning

Humanities Home Learning Ideas

Maths Home Learning Ideas

Reading Eggs 2 Weeks FREE Access
Weekly Timetable
Colour the Rhyme -ake Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -am Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -an Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -ap Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -at Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -ig Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -ock Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -og Word Family
Colour the Rhyme -ug Word Family
Stop Telling Fibs Rhyming Words Sorting Activity
Stop Telling Fibs Story
Stop Telling Fibs Find the Rhyme
High Frequency Words
Write a Book Review
Free Audio Books From Audible Amazon App