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Living Egg Project
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20th May 2015

We were all very excited to be receiving some hens eggs, but we were not going to eat them! Our delivery on the first Monday morning after the Easter holidays was an incubator, a brooder box, chick food, dish, water dispenser, a bag of sawdust and 10 very precious eggs, almost ready to hatch.

Before the holidays, we had collected newspapers to line the brooder box and had bought a spare light bulb in case the one in the box did not work. We were ready! The gentleman who delivered the eggs helped to set everything up correctly and then it was just a case of waiting patiently.

Not much happened on the Tuesday.

On Wednesday there was lots of activity. Six of the eggs hatched and we used an ipad to video some of the chicks hatching. We also used the classroom Apple TV, linked to the ipad camera, so that everyone could see the live action on the interactive whiteboard. We all agreed that this was great because nobody missed out on seeing events as they happened!

By Friday, eight eggs had hatched and we knew that the other two eggs would not hatch. Unfortunately, one of the eight chicks was very weak and died on the Thursday. We were all very sad, but the seven chicks that were left were very healthy and were eating and drinking well. We decided to name them after the seven dwarves from the ‘Snow White’ story. It is very difficult to remember who is who!

It is now three weeks since the eggs were delivered and we have learnt so much about life cycles and how to care for pets. We have four healthy hens (girls) and three cockerels (boys). Next week they will be going to their new home at Wythenshawe Park Community Farm and we hope that they will like it.

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