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Macbeth Performance at The Contact Theatre
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11th November 2016

The whole country have been celebrating 400 years of thrilling plays by Shakespeare this month and Melland High School joined other BFET school’s performing a medley of Shakespeare in a professional theatre; The Contact in Manchester!

Pupils from all abilities were involved in producing a performance of Macbeth, creating masks, media and music for the final performance that took place on 3rd of November. The pupils involved in the final performance were stunning. The professionalism of the students, the focus and desire to exceed expectations was amazing.

The whole experience for all students involved had huge impact on their education, it increased engagement and appreciation of Shakespeare not only by those involved but also everyone around school. It helped to increase confidence and aspirations in our performers with Niamh expressing after the performance “I have so much more confidence now!”

Everyone is so proud of all the students and teachers involved that helped make a memorable and uplifting performance and we look forward to the students celebratory performance on the 18th November for the whole school.