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9th October 2017

On the 10th November the UK Youth Parliament goes to the House of Commons to debate and decide on important issues for the year ahead. They decide on the TOP issues voted by school children across the country. To decide what issues they debate they have a ballot which is open to every school in the country. The children in the schools get to vote on what topics they would like the Youth Parliament to debate. The students choose from 10 topics. This year class 4D made a video in Citizenship lessons highlighting one of the topics (Protect School budgets from damaging cuts). Melland had 125 students vote in the ballot and the results were – in ascending order –

3rd Place with 11 votes – “Work experience Hubs for11 – 18 year olds”

2nd place with 18 votes – “A curriculum to prepare for us for life”

1st place with 49 votes – “Protect schools budgets from damaging cuts”


These results from all the schools are passed on to the Manchester Youth Council who will debate the winning topics in parliament.

Well done to all the students who took part in the vote and to all the staff who helped out.