Melland High Radio Show
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6th November 2015

The 6th form media group have made the first stages of creating their very own radio show. After a lot of research into the job roles and to what listeners might want to tune into they are now weeks away from their opening show.
They have been using their IT and communication skills to work together to develop a great format and showcase some talents that have entertained and been very informative.

Derai has been a stand out performer with his presenting skills with his witty links and warm delivery. His confidence is growing on every run through and his personality is brightening up the whole feature.

Usama and Momin have formed a particularly good partnership in researching relevant news articles and delivering them very clearly. They were very nervous to begin with but through applying their resilience they have developed an excellent partnership.

The whole group have worked fantastically well and really hard to develop original jingles and to find music to suit the themes to the shows. Their passion for their particular roles has really paid off.

Everyone is very excited to hear what the group will deliver with some tutor groups catching the practice shows that were recorded live. After a little more market research from the students the radio show will be ready to launch. The only big task now is coming up with a name that captures the hard work and warmth of the show.