Melland Students Prepare for the Shakespeare Schools Festival
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2nd October 2020

On 20 November 2020, hundreds of cast members from every corner of the UK will take part, in one unique night of theatre. The Shakespeare Schools Festival will attempt to break a world record and show the world how children in the UK and our schools are the best hope for the future.

During lockdown Mr Hughes and staff from across our Trust have been in contact with SSF to discuss students who are finding new ways to be creative. One Night of Shakespeare will give students the opportunity to showcase their achievements, develop their literacy skills, reinvigorate their communication and performance skills and work as a team.

With the temporary closure of the UK’s theatres, Melland High School and other schools in the Trust that are taking part in this fantastic spectacle, will be pre-recording their performances and uploading to their school websites. This year Melland students will be performing the tragedy Hamlet. They have begun their rehearsal process and have already used many drama techniques such as Still Image, Space and Levels. They are getting to know the characters and the story and will be given their roles this week which has generated much excitement. Keep an eye on Melland High School Twitter for updates on their progress.