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National Egg Week
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16th October 2017

6th Form celebrated National Egg Week this week by designing eggs as their own characters and creating parachutes for them. Prizes were to be awarded for; the best design, best survivor and best parachute.

 Best design house points go to Zanib for her ‘egg with glasses’, Michaell W for his ‘buy one get one free’ guy, and Kyle J for his ‘egg with beard’.

 Best survivors went to Mr Hughes, Regan, Paul, Hina and Kyle J whose eggs were dropped from the bridge and survived without a crack.

 Best parachute awards went to Candice and Kyle J for the superb designs that floated effortlessly and majestically to the ground.

 Overall winner receiving an extra 10 house points goes to Kyle J for being in every category.

 Well done to all involved, we had an eggcellent afternoon.