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National Squash Championships Volunteers
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2nd March 2016

National Squash Championships February 2016

Volunteers from Melland High School were invited to assist at the 2016 National Squash Championships held at the National Squash Centre and Indoor Regional Arena at Sport City. The week prior to the competition volunteers attended a briefing regarding the event and the duties they will be carrying out. These included Security checks for appropriate ID on entrances, assisting spectators to their seats and answering any queries they may have. A major part of volunteering would be assisting hundreds of school children participate in numerous hands on squash related activities prior to watching a live championship game. Our volunteers also were on a rota for being one of the 2 mascots which were a real hit with all the school children and spectators alike. As the week progressed and the volunteers became more familiar with their roles, they grew in confidence and were thanked and congratulated by so many people. Val Cottam, the lead organiser for volunteer support at the event had these kind words for the Melland volunteers:-

‘Melland students were great – they really enjoyed their time there and we thoroughly enjoyed having them. They have become friends to so many now and we have got some good photos of the new mascot – so popular with the crowds and them too! Many thanks to them.’

A big thanks to our volunteers who continue to do us proud whatever event they are supporting