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National World Egg Day
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17th October 2016

As part of National World Egg day 2016 6th form took part in an egg-citing week of activities.

As well as following the journey of an egg from farm to consumer, we also learnt about battery chickens and why it is important to buy free-range produce.

All 6th formers decorated and looked after an egg all week,  the egg babies had an egg-cellent time in their lessons!

There was a prize for the best egg joke (What do you call an egg in a shell suit?………….An egg of course!), the best egg name (Susan Boil, Egg Sheeran) and as a finale students made parachutes to soften their eggs landing and prevent their eggs from cracking after a jump off the bridge! There were two winners, Leah and Hina.

It’s been an egg-hausting week!