• Bikeability – Skills for a Lifetime

    18th November 2021
    KS3 were offered a fantastic opportunity this week with The National Cycling Academy offering cycling lessons in school as part of the bikeability scheme. The pupils had access to a bike each, protective equipment and two...More
  • Melland High School Planning Consultation – November 2021

    17th November 2021
    We are pleased to be able to share the plans, elevations and site plan for our proposed development at Melland High School in Gorton Education Village. We would welcome your feedback on the principle of the development...More
  • School Can Be a Scary place to be on Halloween

    22nd October 2021 This week at school something very strange has been...More
  • Reader Beware – You’re in for a Scare!

    15th October 2021
    The Horror Genre comes to Melland to help us prepare for Halloween. The Whole School Reading Focus continues at Melland and we saw students this week learning about the work of writer R L Stine. The students have discussed...More
  • EQUANS Employability and STEM Workshops

    24th September 2021
    Students have been working on developing their ‘Skills for Life’ with Nicki Sorton from Equans – Engie Group. Nicki delivered CV writing sessions in the morning and gave top tips on developing employability skills....More
  • A Warm Welcome for new KS3 Pupils

    24th September 2021
    Mr Hughes Head of KS3 at Melland who would like to thank the dedicated KS3 form tutors for making the transition to high school as smooth as possible while keeping parents and carers updated on the progress of all the new...More
  • Music Making at Melland

    21st September 2021 Students accessing the Pre-formal Curriculum at Melland got off to a flying start this week with the first session of their interactive music project with Rachael Moat. Rachael is a...More
  • Our Community commemorates VE Day

    17th June 2021
    As part of the PSHCE curriculum the students have been learning about ‘Our Community’. They took part in several sessions learning all about what it is like to be part of a community, culminating in a celebration for VE...More
  • The Barbican Box is Back

    9th June 2021
    The Barbican Box project was launched again at Melland this term. The project has been highly successful over the last few years and with the impact of the pandemic the project was in doubt for some time. With a...More
  • Arts Award – Discover

    28th May 2021
    LG1 have completed their Arts Award this week and considering the lengthy time off the students have had this year they have created some amazingly professional pieces of work. They have all accessed the introductory award-...More