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  • Pupil Goes on Pilgrimage

    10th May 2018
    During the April half term holidays, Attique undertook the Umrah pilgrimage. The ʿUmrah’ is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Hijaz, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. The...More
  • Body Awareness at Melland High School

    9th May 2018
    We have put a real focus on physical development for students in LZ3 this year. Alongside the introduction of the MOVE programme (see earlier article) body awareness is planned across our sessions so that students experience...More
  • Horticulture – Learning About Life

    8th May 2018
    Mr Roberts is delivering a horticulture lesson in science this term. This week have worked very hard (especially 3C and 4C) to begin clearing the paths near the totem poles. The students (and staff) have worked tirelessly to...More
  • Sixth Form – Spring Highlights

    23rd April 2018
    Here are just some of the amazing activities and achievements our sixth form student have been involved with over the spring term 2018. We are all looking forward to working hard in the summer term maintaining and...More
  • BFET Arts conference – Together We are Here!

    22nd March 2018
    Last week saw the first BFET Arts Creative Celebration. Which was held at Z-Arts in Manchester. Twenty pupils from each of the schools in the trust gathered together to take part in workshops, most being led by pupils....More
  • BBC News School Report – A Future in Journalism

    22nd March 2018 The BBC School News Report was a huge success last week, with our dedicated news team creating a fantastic report as well as the whole school joining in activities...More
  • Sharp Futures Project

    19th March 2018
    MHS students from LG1, LG2 and 4D were invited to visit the Sharp Futures project on Oldham Road.  We were given a tour of the facilities where there are a large number of start up digital companies working in a large range...More
  • Town Hall Work Placement

    19th March 2018
    Two of Melland 6th form students have just completed a successful work experience at the Town Hall with Manchester City Council. John Barry and Amanda Wright have supported Declan and Ninjlah to access a two-week project;...More
  • Introducing the MOVE Programme

    5th March 2018
    In Learning Zone 3 this year we are introducing the MOVE programme. MOVE stands for: Movement Opportunities Via Education. MOVE programme helps support students with physical impairments to acquire more abilities and...More
  • Postcards Home – Competition

    9th February 2018
    Students at Melland have been taking part in a competition, led by head of science George Roberts and head of maths Lisa Baker, to design a new postcard home that will be sent regularly to parents & carers as a reward...More