OCR Numeracy – LG3 Drama
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27th May 2016

Our LG3 students from 6th form have been completing their OCR in numeracy. This term we are focussing on the need for standard units for measuring. To assist the students to understand this we are writing and acting a play called “The Melland Pirates”. The play begins with all the students on a pirate ship. They steal gold and jewellery from other boats, and stash the cash. They take a prisoner and make him walk the plank just for the fun of it. When they are Sharing out the loot they see the King’s boat on course for them. They give the Captain the treasure to hide. The Captain buries the treasure they have taken and measures distance from a landmark using his footsteps. When the other pirates try to find the treasure, they use their footsteps, which are smaller than the Captains, and so they do not find the treasure! Their first task was to make them look like Pirates and so they each made a Pirate hat, using the experience to count and look at various shapes. This lesson used numeracy and literacy skills to make the treasure chest and the photographs demonstrate this.
Cast list: Captain, Kyle: Cook, Chloe: Rigger/Look out, Sean: Quartermaster, Imran: Guard, Alex: Prisoner, Ahmed: Prison Master, Damarius: Thieves, Deedar, Alicia, Hussain and Jannat.