School Rules

1. Show respect for all pupils and all adults by:

  • speaking to people in a polite way;
  • using peoples’ correct title;
  • respecting other peoples’ property;
  • helping others;
  • showing consideration for others;
  • always trying your best;
  • avoid physical hurt.

2. Show respect for the school environment by:

  • moving around school in a sensible way;
  • keeping classrooms tidy;
  • putting litter in the bins;
  • taking care of the buildings and the grounds.

3. Show respect for the whole school community by:

  • valuing our differences – age, gender, race, disability, sexuality and background;
  • making everyone feel supported and cared for;
  • making everyone feel included;
  • making everyone feel their contribution is valuable;
  • making everyone feel important.