Bright Futures Educational Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children, young people, families and communities that we serve. Our schools work collaboratively across the Trust and with other partner schools and agencies to get the best for everyone.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning

Values and Ethos

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As an outstanding school we share the following key principles:

  • High expectations and aspirations and a profound and well-justified belief thatevery child and young person can learn and achieve;
  • Refined skill in finding and applying the most effective approaches tocommunicating with, relating to and teaching children and young people withspecial needs and challenges;
  • Exceptional expertise in assessing progress and recognising the smallest steps as well as large jumps in learning, and in using assessment to guide teaching directly;
  • Highly effective and indispensable teamwork across the school workforce in which varied skills combine and best practice is readily shared;
  • Strong partnerships with other professionals and providers, not least in reintegration and transition;
  • The provision of ambitious and exciting opportunities through well-designed and individualised curriculum arrangements;
  • Respect for individual children, young people and their parents, with the power to bring cheer and self-belief to children, and relief, optimism and support to parents;
  • Unremittingly committed, inspirational and forward-looking leadership which believes that every professional challenge has a solution.