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Sacred Heart Community Café Project
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21st September 2017


This year sees the start of a really exciting project for the Sixth Form students at Melland High School. Every Tuesday and Wednesday a group will be going to run community café at Scared Heart Church in Gorton. This will offer a whole range of wonderful opportunities for those involved including gaining invaluable experience working within a range of roles, developing and enhancing communication and inter personal skills and moving one step closer to moving into the world of work. All of the students have made the choice to complete this option and are showing a high level of maturity and eagerness, they are determined to make the café a success! We are also lucky enough to also have access to the wonderful community gardens at the church and will be linking this to the project to begin growing our food to sell. If anyone is in the area, please come and join the students for a cup of tea and slice of homemade cake!