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Safety in the Community
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17th May 2017

During the Spring and Summer term, learner group 1 and 2 have been researching and learning about how to stay safe when out and about in the community. They were so enthused by what they learnt and the importance of it that they wanted to find a way to share it with others. Therefore they decided to set about writing and creating an animation. Lots of hard work and time went into this, the students had to work both collaboratively and as an individual; they undertook trips using public transport, filming on location, using art material to make characters and sets and of course using media and technology to film and edit! This really was a busy project that challenged everyone to develop their understanding, creative skills and most importantly independence and safety when going out and about and everyone one of the group rose to the challenge and exceeded expectation! As well as creating an incredible film to share with their peers, the animation went towards their home management accreditation portfolio to help them all to demonstrate that they have achieved personal safety in the community at entry level 3. Well done to all involved!