Students Perform Othello at the Z-Arts Theatre
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15th November 2018

On Thursday 8th November Melland High School took part in the Shakespeare School Festival at Z-Arts Centre alongside Stanley Grove, Rushbrook and Cedar Mount. The event was a huge success with 12 students with a range of needs performing Othello. Students partook in a variety of rehearsals and workshops running up to the event and learnt a range of skills.

The performance was sold out to parents, carers, teachers and general public and had a fantastic review from the event manager stating that our ‘students communication and presentation of the play was very professional and costume choice was great’. The students were very excited after the performance and very proud of themselves. The project as a whole helped with the understanding of Shakespeare, the confidence levels and increased the knowledge and understanding of drama techniques.

Saracern said “I loved it, it give me lots of confidence and it was really exciting”. Angelia added, “It was so good, I can’t believe we managed to do something so big and professional”.

The students involved have one more opportunity to perform which will take place on Thursday where the whole school will have the opportunity to be an audience. A huge well done to all the students performing and to those who made the costume. All tutors who helped students to learn lines and Mrs Harrison and Miss Bowie for their fantastic costume and set design and to Miss Dean and Mr Saddoo for their technical and performance support.