The Importance of Postural Management
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27th February 2019

Postural management supports our students to enhance and maximise their capabilities in a wide variety of ways including developing their communication, taking part in a range of learning activities and enabling them to make choices.

It considers all positions students may use including lying down, sitting and standing; involving the assessment and management of all positions that an individual uses.

Postural management also ensure students are comfortable and as pain free as possible; they are able to move as freely as possible, developing their mobility as much as possible and to communicate, breathe easily and be able to eat, drink and sleep.

It is important that we manage the individual’s posture in order that each student can take part in daily life – physically, mentally and socially and it ultimately improves their quality of life.

We have an Acheeva bed and two side lying boards. Here are some examples of the activities that students are able to access though effective positioning. Mansoor is using the computer touch screen.

Fatoumatta is enjoying a body awareness session and Zobia is using a big mac switch during our hello session. Hashim is taking part in our art session.