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Using iPads Creatively in the Classroom
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21st September 2017

Learner Group 3 and 4 have started their Media lessons with a fantastic first attempt at ‘How to.’ videos. The pupils will be creating a range of videos to help support themselves and other students with their life and living skills.


Using the new media skills and knowledge they learnt in lesson 1 they have created a great ‘How to make a cup of tea’ video in lesson 2. They worked as a team trialling a variety of roles to create the project. They had to test their camera skills following a story board, focus on their communication skills to deliver voice overs and edit the video using iMovie on the iPads.


Following a peer assessment, the students they discussed collectively how they would improve each other’s videos and then made changes. They all worked well collectively and shown great integrity to complete the videos on time.  


Please take a look at their great work and keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.