Work Experience placement at Debdale Eco Centre
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27th November 2015

This term the H group have had the opportunity to do a Work Experience placement at Debdale Eco Centre, a local organic gardening centre, where they have spent 5 sessions learning all about organic gardening and developing practical gardening skills. They have all worked incredibly hard; listening to and following instructions; working in teams with staff from the centre and each other; working in different parts of the garden then cleaning and tidying away the equipment. Activities included digging, weeding, planting new crops and picking vegetables. Students have become familiar with the tools needed for each task and as the weeks have gone by they can recognise what they need for the individual jobs they are given.

The students have also been able to taste the vegetables they have picked with freshly made soup provided during well-earned breaks!

This is what they had to say about the placement.

“I liked pushing the wheelbarrow. I liked digging the holes and putting big plants in but it hurt my back!” – Corey

“The staff help you, they are lovely and friendly” Nicole

“I like work experience because you can get a job. The people show you how to work hard and how to grow things. I had to buy wellington boots” Haris

“I like the people, they show me gardening and it was easy “ – Lewis

“It was harder than you think because you have to be careful” Mohammad.