Year 14’s Prepare for Life After Melland High
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22nd January 2019

Just before the end of last term, KS5 invited all our current year 14s and their parents / carers in to discuss all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead of them when they leave us in July 2019.

We were lucky enough to have representatives from most of the local colleges as well as a selection of adult education providers, so there was something for everyone regardless of what their future plans may be. We also invited some of our previous students to give this year’s leavers an idea of what to expect and answer any questions they may have, there were some wonderful discussions and we were so impressed with the maturity of our students that left last year so a huge thank you to them!

Everyone had the opportunity to fill in application forms with support, find out everything they needed to know from the colleges and share a cup of tea with other students and parents / carers who are also taking their next step after school.

The whole event was a huge success, every student was able to identify a path that they feel is right for them and can now prepare themselves for plenty of transition visits!