Year 6 Transition
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5th June 2015

As the summer fast approaches and we draw towards the conclusion of the school year we can look back on all the wonderful achievements and celebrations that have taken place throughout the last 12 months with a great sense of pride. The summer term also brings with it the start of a new chapter with the year 6 / year 7 transition period beginning. This is a time when all year 6 students across the country start visiting the secondary schools they will be joining in September. Here at Melland High School this is well underway with students visiting us daily and tours being conducted for the parents of not only our year 6 pupils but the parents of those in year 5 who are getting ready to make their school selections in the autumn term. At the time of writing we have 26 new students destined to join us; they come to us from a range of primary Schools including: The Birches, Ashgate, Chapel Street, Camberwell Park, Medlock, St-Lukes, Abbey Hey and St Chrysostom’s.

Here to receive the new year 7 pupils on the 2nd September will be our student leaders. They are pupils that have been picked from across our diverse population to pull together the views of their fellow students, support new pupils and contribute to developments and activities across the school.

One important role they look forward to each year is being involved in the transition process. They pride themselves as being always on hand to offer support, guidance and a friendly face to our new pupils during their initial few weeks and beyond.

Melland High School looks forward to welcoming its new pupils and seeing their progress and achievement in the years to come.