OCR Accreditation – LG3 Personal Skills
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15th January 2016

The students in Learner Group 3 are working towards accreditation in an OCR unit called “Personal Skills”. A large part of the unit is about developing Interpersonal skills and contributing to positive relationships. To achieve this students have been co-operating with each other to play a variety of board games of their choice. The students have been taking it in turns to lead the games, working as a team and negotiating with each other to choose and play. A large part of what the students are learning to do is to encourage each other appropriately and to learn how to behave whether they win or lose. They also have to negotiate in order to tidy up and put all the equipment back in the correct place.

This term, we are, at the students’ request, moving on to make a board game of our own, based on one the students like on the interactive whiteboard. This will involve a great deal of negotiation on the students and will further develop their skills.