OCR – Important English Exams
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2nd February 2016

On Monday the 18th of January the O group sat a very important exam in English. The exam was set by OCR and was testing the group on constructing sentences. The exam was important to gain credits towards a certificate in Cambridge Progression. In the future we will be able to study  English at functional skills level. Before we sat the exam we practiced every week using test papers under exam conditions. Most of the group felt nervous but one student said “I felt calm going into the exam because of the preparation we did”. We were allowed 40 minutes but most of the group had finished after 25 minutes so we had time to read over it and check our answers. Each member of the group found different parts of the exam difficult. Everyone in the group thinks that they have done well and passed the exam. We will have to wait for the results to be sent back before we find out if we passed. The whole group will be sitting another English exam in March.